Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More pictures of the little one

Brock was the first to see the new baby. He was woken up when I went into his room for a few things, like diapers. He wouldn't go back to sleep on his own, so I got him up. He was up for more than an hour before finally falling back asleep on the couch with me next to him.

Milaya was next. She had woken up when Mandy's labor started, so she was expecting to see a baby when she woke in the morning.

Hali was last, but she was the most surprised. She kept looking at Mom, then the baby, then back to Mom.

I went to storage and got the bassinet, car seat, and swing. Brock found the swing a great place to sit and watch TV. We found him later, face down and asleep.

And finally a few other pictures of just Hayden.