Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We were just goofing off one day listening to some music and Brock started dancing. Pretty cute boy I must say. And then we have Milaya wanting to be in the spotlight too, with her tribute to egyptian dancing and chickens I guess. I couldn't tell. She has such long arms and legs. I love Hali's laugh too.

Bluberry Pie

We went blueberry picking last week and this is what we got. Brian wanted a blueberry pie and I wanted blueberry muffins. We settled on pie. We didn't have enough to do both. It turned out really good. You mix it all up and then freeze it in the pie plate. Then you put it in the crust and bake it. It was yummy!


One of the cute little bushes.

Brock was having a good time picking them. We told him to only pick the blue ones and he did!

Hali picked the big one, the other one was about like all of the other ones.

Just chillin' waiting for the ferry.

Just a pic of the clouds from the ferry, they were pretty low it felt like and dark.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Milaya loves to dress up and wear lipstick. So on days that we don't go anywhere I let her wear my earrings and put on some sample lipstick that I got from Avon. She loves it. If fact she is watching me write this and asking to wear lipstick today! Silly girl. I love you Milaya!

Summer Time

I don't remember if she was sulking or didn't feel good.

I wonder what will happen if I put my hand over this hole?

Oh, I get water in my face!

Hmm... lets try a finger.

Water baby


Here are some pictures of Michelle & Bryce's daughter Mackenzie. They have waited a long time to get her and I am so happy for them. Although Crickett(dog) doesn't seem to be too excited. Congratulations, we love you!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Welcome to our new blog just for the family. I decided to keep my other blog just for scrapbooking and crafty stuff. So stay tuned for pics.