Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dinner Conversation

We had spaghetti last night for dinner and here are a couple of things we heard:

Milaya: I don't want to eat it. 
Brock: Sorry, too bad, so sad. (mom and dad laugh) 
Brock: What? That's what you two say! 

A little later

Hayden: Whoa that's a big one! With his eyebrows raised (meaning the big bite on his spoon)
Family: laughing
Hayden: doh, I broke it! (his food fell off of his spoon onto his plate)

These kids are funny somtimes. :) 

I love them. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Calling All Superhero's!

Yes, this is way overdue, but I had a minute or two and JUST DO IT!

So, Brock's birthday was in March and we did it at the end of Feb because I had a client due and I didn't want to miss his party! He wanted a Superhero themed party. I tried once again to make a cake that I saw online. Well, now I can't find the link to it anymore. Maybe that isn't such a bad thing ;) Anyway, here is how mine turned out.

I didn't realize that you didn't have to put the fondant in the fridge. When I did, it dried it out pretty good. Again, lesson learned. 

So anyway on to the fun stuff. B had some of his little friends over and we had one of my hubby's friends be the "bad guy". He came in dressed in black and threw "bombs" (black water balloons) at the kids to defuse by stepping on them. They also got to decorate their own superhero mask and take it home. Somehow, I didn't get any pictures of them doing that. :(

 Some of the kids weren't too sure what to do. It was so loud with the popping and kids yelling, but it was hilarious. Thanks George. 

After we ate cake, we went outside and the kids sprayed their "spider webs" (silly string) on the bad guy and chased him around the yard. 

 This one was right before Brock sprayed me and the camera. Silly boy. 

Carl knocking the bad guy (A.K.A. Dad) down. 
He was so excited to open his presents and to find all the good stuff he got. Thanks to all. :) Over all, I think we had some pretty happy superheros on our hands! 

P.S. Pictures of the decorations coming soon. Gotta get them off of my phone! ;)