Sunday, February 6, 2011

Resolution and Randomness

Does anyone still make new years resolutions and keep them? I have never been one to do that, but I do want to be better about keeping up with my blogs. I have a family one and a crafty one. I need to start another one for my Doula stuff, but I keep thinking of the upkeep of that too and that seems overwhelming sometimes. I sometimes forget about the blogs because I post things to Facebook that everyone is addicted to posts too!

So, it is February already and a lot has happened. I had a birth at the beginning of January. Went great. Mom and baby are doing well. I had a birthday, went on a date with my hubby to an Italian place for lunch. SOOO GOOD! I could eat there every day if my budget allowed. Got a new calling at church to teach in Primary with Brian. Met with more clients. Went to a Hypnobirthing class. Then proceeded to catch the flu and have it pass to everyone in my family but one. That was one expensive week! We spent $350 just on Tamiflu. It helped and is continuing to help. I got it first then two days later Brock and Brian. Two days after that, Hayden. Then two days after that, Hali! CRAZY! I am so glad that Milaya hasn't gotten it. I hope that she doesn't. It is really frustrating to have sick kids and be sick yourself. Oh well, I know...suck it up!

Anywho, we are all getting better. So I am just going to put up some random pics of the past few months. I will probably do a separate post for Christmas pics.

Yes, he is in the dryer. What possessed them to do that I have no idea. At least they can't reach the button to turn it on.  

His usual craziness.  

I don't remember why I put the skirt on him, but it was funny to see Brian's reaction to it! Hmmm...maybe that is why I did it! ;) I wore that skirt when I was like 5. He isn't quite two. Sad. 

Isn't he just the cutest! 
I know...random. I had the windows open and kept hearing things. Looked out the back porch window and saw this. DANG SQUIRRELS!  They crawl across the screened in porch all of the time! 
Again...isn't he just the cutest!  
His new eyebrow trick.  
Drop your sword!  
I love my chicken...gotta have my chicken!  
Milaya helping clean up the leaves in the yard. She was so excited to use the blower.