Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Peachy Keen

Ok, so this time we went peach picking. I love all of the fruit out here! The kids all love picking them off the tree and helping. And it is addicting, once you start picking you can't stop! I had plenty, but I just wanted to keep going because they looked and smelled so good.

It was sad to see all of the peaches on the ground getting ruined. It was hard not stepping all over them too.

Eden being just like Milaya and bending down so I could take a picture.

Brock "helping" by dropping them in the bad. Yes, we had quite a few bruised ones.

Action shot of Brock. He always wants to see what is on the camera and doesn't be still for very long to get them taken.

The end result of our peach pickin'...Peach cobbler!! (from scratch!) I had never made it from scratch before. My Ma-Maw has the best recipe for it so that is what I used. It calls for "some nutmeg" and a "pinch of salt" and stuff like that. I wish I could have learned to cook from her and my Mom more. Her mother owned a Cafe' in Orange a long time ago.

Ooooo... still hot and bubbly. It was so tasty!


Karena said...

I love peaches!
That cobbler looks great!
Makes me wish we were there.

Karin said...

All I can say is YUMMMMMMMMMY!

Amanda said...

Looks sooo good! I can't wait until my peaches arrive next week! (Mom and I ordered 2 boxes form the high school and they are from Colorado-- western part-palisade). I plan on making cobbler and jam and saving a few for freezing so I can have some peach smoothies!