Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yearbook Me Baby!

Just for fun and I was bored!

This one looks like my Ma-Maw I think.(2nd one above)

This one looks like my mom in high school (the long straight hair) She had hair to her waist!

If my hair was straight, I might have it this short, but definitely NOT blonde!


Maymo said...

Wow! you did a lot of these!!
My very favorite is Row 1 Column 2. I also like Row 5 Column 1. I don't know, I think you can pull off blonde alright :)

Chelsey said...

Hey good to hear from you! Your family is so cute! I can't belive how big your kids are!!

Pays said...

Goodness Mandy, what a pleasant surprise. I just happened to be looking further down on my blog and saw your comment! How did you find us? How are things going for you? I love this friend did the same one a few weeks cracks me up!!

vesta said...

Hello Bealers,

this is your old neighbour, Vesta Dean from the orem 4 plex!!! What the heck, where do you live now? I don't have a blog but I am on facebook. either way I can't believe you have a kid in school! wowee. We live in Salt lake now. After we moved to St. George we moved to Logan, then Murray, then Midvale, now we are trying to sell our house....*sigh* we move way too much....

Chelsey said...

Hey I need your email so I can invite you to my blog! My email is