Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stay Tuned!

So, we haven't been on here in a while. There is lots to tell and show. I had a birth at the beginning of July, left for vacation at the end of July. We traveled across the country to CO to a family reunion and then down to Texas to visit my family. We didn't get back until around Aug 25th. Yes, it was a long vacation, but the kids did pretty good in the car. There was a sweet Lady in our ward that just dropped off bags of "things to do" for each of the kids. They loved it! Brian couldn't stay the whole time, so he came home on the 11th of Aug. So we missed him most of the month. My mom drove back with me and the kids and stayed for two weeks. We were glad to have her here with us.

While we were in CO we:
* went to the Zoo
* went shooting
*went swimming
* tried to get 39 people to smile and look at the camera at the same time
*had a birthday/40th anniversary party
*played with lots of cousins

All in about 4 days!

Texas was a little more laid back, no planned activities. Although we did go to a museum in Orange. So my next posts will be in parts otherwise it will be one HUGE post. Plus, it will probably take me forever to get it done!

So....stay tuned for more pics and thoughts from the Curly Headed Bealers!

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Amanda said...

love all the new pictures! beautiful family!