Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dinner Conversation

We had spaghetti last night for dinner and here are a couple of things we heard:

Milaya: I don't want to eat it. 
Brock: Sorry, too bad, so sad. (mom and dad laugh) 
Brock: What? That's what you two say! 

A little later

Hayden: Whoa that's a big one! With his eyebrows raised (meaning the big bite on his spoon)
Family: laughing
Hayden: doh, I broke it! (his food fell off of his spoon onto his plate)

These kids are funny somtimes. :) 

I love them. 

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Rachel said...

kids say the funniest things. I wish I wrote what my kids said down but then I'm not sure they'd be as funny unless you were there, ya know?. Y'all are so cute! Love the family picture!