Friday, July 25, 2008


Milaya loves to dress up and wear lipstick. So on days that we don't go anywhere I let her wear my earrings and put on some sample lipstick that I got from Avon. She loves it. If fact she is watching me write this and asking to wear lipstick today! Silly girl. I love you Milaya!


Karin said...

I love it!
I had a jewelery party on Tues night and my girls couldn't keep their hands off the jewelery! They wanted so much! Emma found a ring that she wanted sooooo bad!(at $39 I had to say no)
The girls are growing up so fast!
Milaya, you are too cute! But don't grow up too fast!
Love you
Auntie Karin

Meg said...

That shade of pink is just lovely on her.

Karena said...

She looks great with the pink lipstick and the green hoops!

Aubrey Jane said...

Cute new blog! Islay loves makeup and lipstick too. Is it an oldest daughter thing or what? I hope they don't grow up too fast!

Rachel said...

Girls and makeup or jewelry, or clothes or shoes, it's in all of us. I remember loving to dress up with all that and now I don't ever do it. Ok, well sometimes with my girls. It's an easy gift to get them, you know you can never go wrong with makeup or jewelry. :) I'm glad all went well with the procedure. Take care!