Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We were just goofing off one day listening to some music and Brock started dancing. Pretty cute boy I must say. And then we have Milaya wanting to be in the spotlight too, with her tribute to egyptian dancing and chickens I guess. I couldn't tell. She has such long arms and legs. I love Hali's laugh too.


Meg said...

That is too funny! I miss you guys so bad. I wish I could just drive down to Utah and see you... but its not that short of a drive anymore. dangit.

looks like you guys are having a blast out there though.

Love you all!!

Karin said...

You have got to give Brock a big long squeeze and a kiss for me! He is so cute!
Milaya has some funky moves...she may have something there...Set a trend for the Egyptian-chicken dance! LOL! so cute!
Love Milaya's hair! It's getting so long and it has alway been beautiful!

Rachel said...

Too cute. I love little ones when they dance. Our 2 little ones are great to watch. It's always so funny.

Amanda said...

OK, loved that video-- Loved how Brock kept falling over trying to dance and that Brian was just doing his own thing while everything was happening behind him!

Aubrey Jane said...

Cute dancers!