Monday, August 18, 2008

Inspiration for the name

Here is why I named our website what I did. I love when they get out of the pool or tub with hair like this. Makes me kind of jealous that mine won't do that anymore.

Don't you just want to pull one and say "boing"!?


Karin said...

I am jealous too!
I miss my curly hair!
Do you thing Brock will get the curls too?
Love and hugs
Auntie Karin

Mandy said...

Yes, Brock's hair is already starting to curl in the back and a little on top. It is cute. I don't think that we will let it get as long as the girls though!

Meg said...

Oh Mandy, you should let it get long enough so that you can put some gel in it. It would look too cute!

Mandy said...

Milaya spiked Brock's hair for church on Sunday, it did look kind of cute. I didn't know she did it until we were getting in the car. His hair was wet. He has been known to get in the toilet, so I was kind of wigging out until Milaya told me that she fixed it. Whew!

Karena said...

I love the curls.
Laurens is curly, but not like that!
You really do want to pull and say boing:-)

Karin said...

I am glad that it was not toilet water! Right before church?!!?! Way to go Milaya for doing little brothers hair! I think that you should let Brocks hair get longer on the top and keep the sides trimmed. Kinda like Brians was when you met him! I told Brian that her should keep it longer on the top so that he could get dates! The chicks LOVE curls! (I think it worked for Brian...Right?)(LOL)

Aubrey Jane said...

Beautiful hair! I wish mine would pick really curly or really stright. Instead it's just wavy when and where it feels like it.
I want to say boing!

Amanda said...

love the curls-- Aisha and Lindy have the curliest hair (in our family) and it really looks kinda yucky if it isn't freshly washed-- are your girls curls the same way?

Rachel said...

I totally want to say boing! Too cute. I love it.