Sunday, August 3, 2008

Before & After

Here are some pics of Hali and I waiting for her surgery.

She got to wear this really bright yellow set of scrubs for the surgery. They wouldn't let us keep them though. She did get to keep the socks.

Her having fun blowing bubbles while we wait.

Here is her wrist before the surgery. It doesn't look that big in the picture, but it was getting bigger.

She got to change into her surgery clothes in the Snow White room.

This was the time that they took us back to change her and wait for the doctor to get there for the surgery at 7:30 am.

This is my Tiny Miny getting to ride in a wagon to the front doors of the hospital a little while after her procedure. I don't think she knows what is going on. But she is holding on to Lucy the dinosaur that G'ma and G'Pa Massey (adopted grandparents in UT) gave her. She got to take Lucy back with her for the surgery.

The doctor had her wear this sling for 10 days. It lasted in the sling for about 2 days. Then she got tired of it and it was hurting her neck. We took the sling off but had to keep it in the cast the whole time. She got it off of Friday the 1st.

And here is the incision. It is bigger than I thought that it would be. She is doing well and we just have it wrapped up in an ace bandage now. We are scheduled to go back to the doctor on the 18th to look at it again. I drove 2 hours to get to his office for him to take a pair of scissors and cut her cast off and put a band-aid on it. I could have done that at home. That took about 5 minutes to see him. And then I had to face traffic again on the way back. That took about and hour and a half. I am really contemplating not going back on the 18th, but we will see.


Karin said...

What a big cast for such a small/big cyst! I would get tired of the sling too! I am glad that she is doing well and that the sugery went well! I know what you mean about you could have done what the doctor did all on your own. I bet that will be the most expensive 5 min that you ever had to pay for!
Hali, I am so proud of you for being so brave! I love you
Love and hugs
Auntie Karin

Amanda said...

I'm glad you posted pictures of the event. Glad everything went well. That is a crazy drive-- especially with gas prices! Yikes-- you would thing someone closer would be just fine to check it out. Hummm....

Aubrey Jane said...

She is such a spunky girl! I love her wild hair. I'm glad that everything went well and that she was so brave.