Saturday, November 8, 2008

For PaPa

This post is just for my dad (PaPa). He always chews or has a toothpic in his mouth after he eats. When I saw Brock doing this I had to get some pics. He was using them to eat his vienna sausages like Hali.


Jedda said...

HE looks just like his daddy! Sweet photos.

Karena said...

He is so cute!
My dad has always chewed on toothpicks also.
I never got into it, but Brock looks quite cute doing it.

Chelsey said...

i can't belive how big your kids are getting! And we really should have hung out!

Our family said...

i can't say that we absolutely love them... but we have decided that we'll continue to use them after we return to the states (since we're in an economic crisis and all). it'll be a little easier to do then as we'll have a dryer. not having a dryer has probably been the biggest hurdle so far, it was taking forever to get things to dry until the heat came on.