Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pumkins & Halloween

These are the pumpkins that the kids did and mine is on the right that I did at a YW activity.

Kids having fun decorating/carving with Dad.

Cute kiddos in costumes. Look at my dragon's wings!

Little Orphan Annie

Catherine and Milaya

This was at Milaya's school parade.

Yes, I dressed up to support my YW. I am a gypsy, made from an old high school dance costume. At least part of it still fit after three kids!

Trunk or Treat! Dad was a hiker.

My cute boys! His shirt says "Boo's Your Daddy?" Too cute.


Rachel said...

You look great! You haven't changed at all. Me on the other hand....hmmm... I love the costumes! Did you make them? Everyone looks so cute and happy. We miss you.

Karena said...

Love the halloween pics.
So glad that you updated, we love seeing how big the kids are getting.

Mandy said...

No, but I did have the Annie costume made by someone in our last ward. I tried then didn't know what I was doing, so she helped me out.

Karin said...

Thank goodness for friends that help us out when we get over our heads!
Cute pictures! I really LOVE "little orphan annie"
What a great costume for Hali!
Rachel and Milaya could be twins!
And cute little Brock! I could just kiss him all day!...every day!
Love you guys and miss you!

Brenna LaPray said...

Love the pics of your kids in their Halloween costumes. Good girl for dressing up. I haven't done that for years. I can't believe how big Brock is. Time moves to quickly.

Aubrey Jane said...

Looks like a fun Halloween! You carved a way cute pumpkin! And Happy Birthday to Milaya! I can't believe she's 7 either!