Monday, February 23, 2009

I know...I am behind

No pics at the moment, but I was letting people know that we are still alive. I haven't had any energy or time to get to posting pics. I have to re-size them before I put them on here. I just wanted to put some funny things that Hali has said over the past couple weeks. I need to start writing them down because I forget! But here are a few that I did manage to write down.

Hali (at the dinner table no less!): Eggs make you have stinky farts!
Mom and everyone else: LOL!!!!!!!!! I have no idea where that came from, we weren't even eating eggs at the time!

Hali (talking with Dad): "Hey daddy, did you know, on your tongue, you have little taste bugs"
Dad: "Taste bugs"
Hali: YEAH!
Dad: You mean there are little tiny bugs on your tongue?
Hali: Yeah, they taste things.

Hali: Look Mom, I made a "fork" (she was building with some blocks, making a FORT)
Mom: That's a cool fork. Good job. Then I tried to explain that it was fort, and she insisted that it was a fork.

She says funny stuff all of the time and of course I can't always write it down! I am trying to get better though!

For now that is all I have time for. And no, we still haven't found out what we are having. We find out the first week of March. I will post that when we find out! ;) It seems to be taking FOREVER!


Maymo said...

I miss you guys toooo much!!!

Karena said...

Finding out next week, how exciting! That will make you 24 weeks right? We look forward to hearing what is up and those are really good thoughts from Hali!

Brenna LaPray said...

Glad to see that you're still alive. I can't wait to find out what you are having. I hope you feel well. Hali is so funny! I need to be better at writing things down.

Jedda said...

so cute! She will love to hear those when she is older. A friend of mine keeps a paper up on the wall to write hers on. I need to do that. When I wait too long I forget them! Can't wait to hear what you're having!

Amanda said...

I want to see a prego pict of you! Can't wait until we all know what you are having!