Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rub the Budda

Ok, these are for all of those people that are really wanting to see my belly. This is the first and only picture that we have taken of it. I am 24 weeks in this picture. We just haven't gotten around to remembering to take one. I guess by the fourth one, you don't have time to remember that you are pregnant sometimes! We are just as excited about this one as all of the other ones, it just feels different somehow. I will post more tomorrow after we find out what we are having.

Milaya took one of these and then Brian did the other.

I don't like this angle, it makes me look bigger!!!


Karena said...

You make a much cuter pregnant person than me!

Karin said...

I think that you look great! I did not take pictures when I was pregnant with the this is a new experience for me too!
I like your baby bump...much cuter than mine! LOL!

Cherylyn said...

I'm now about 4 weeks behind you in gestation. I scheduled the ultrasound for what I thought was 20 weeks (according to my dates) and the baby was measuring 18 weeks, 4 days. They moved my due date back 11 days. The weird thing is I've been measuring 3 weeks big, and now that makes it 5 weeks big. I really hope the size normalizes as I progress. Thank you for sharing the photos. I think you are beautiful!

Rachel said...

Amazing. I'm behind you by 3-4 weeks yet I'm so much bigger than you! UGH! You look cute as always. Love the cakes above too.

Julie said...

You are so arching your back and sticking your tummy out. You are one of those women that have the cute little tummys and never get fat. No fair!