Friday, March 27, 2009


We went out on a little girls night out last week. I took the girls to see High School Musical 2 at a local middle school. One of my young women was in it. The girls were so excited. Hali kept asking me where Sharpay was every time she wasn't on stage. And every time the curtains closed she would ask me, " is it over?". Milaya was pretty quiet during the whole thing. I think they both enjoyed it. It was definitely a middle school production, but the girls didn't care. They got to see HSM2!!!!!! I did have to tell them that is wasn't going to be the real Gabriella and Troy though. I did't want to get there and they say, that isn't Troy!

I love you girls!


Karena said...

That is such a cute picture!
I think that a girls night out is a wonderful idea.
I was thinking of trying to do a one on one with Abi and Lauren before the baby comes, we will have to see if it happens!!

Karin said...

How fun! The local highschool did beauty and the beast last month and several of the youth were in it! I wanted to take the girls...but tickets were $8/person...I just couldn't get it to work in the budget! So sad!
So glad that you were able to see HSM2! Those are such fun movies/plays!
Cute picture too!

Rachel said...

How fun! I wish we'd do something like that around here but we don't hear about anything. I think that sounds awesome though. I'm sure it was a wonderful memory making moment for all y'all.