Sunday, August 16, 2009

Swimming Lessons

The girls had swimming lessons for 4 weeks in a row Monday - Thursday! Those were some long days since they had classes at different times. They were back to back though, with a 15 min. break in between. They had fun and Milaya made some great progress. She is really good at the backstroke and getting better at going under the water without holding her nose. She is better at that than mom is! Hali is gaining more confidence in the water, but still won't stick her whole face in the water yet. She is like her mom! Sorry Grammie and Papa! I am totally "payin' for my raisin' ". Brock also had two weeks of a Mommy and Me class. (So that was a total of 6 weeks of swim classes!!!! Let's just say that the people at the YMCA know us very well now.) I didn't get any pictures of that because I was in the water, oops. He had fun, but wanted to do his own thing. Stubborn little punk! Oh well, what can you expect from a two year old boy!

Milaya floating obviously.

The girls in between classes.

Hali's hair is getting really long.

My cute little Hali Belly

This one is dark, I realized that you didn't really need the flash. It was an indoor pool and it worked better to not have the flash on. I didn't realize that until after Hali was out of the pool on her last day of classes.

Anyway, they enjoyed their classes and did a great job.


Rachel said...

That's great. I need to get my kids in classes but we are just trying to teach them ourselves in Papa's pool.

Karena said...

Sounds like Hali is alot like Lauren in not putting her head under. Abi enjoyed her lessons. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing!