Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Fun

We got some snow on Friday and the kids were so excited to go and play in it! I even went out and played in it (which I normally don't do!) We broke out the sand toys and used them in the snow! I got some saucer/sleds for the kids, but I had no idea where we were going to use them. So we found the next best thing...the ditch! Hey it worked...they had fun. There were so many pics that we took, it is always so hard to decide which ones to use...therefore, there are lots on this post!

Milaya drew a smiley face for dad on his car.

Brock shoveling snow on people.
Me and Milaya about to slide. It was so funny because it wasn't that deep, but you went down and then went back up backwards in the ditch.
1. Pick a spot

2. prepare for take-off

3. Weeeee....

Yes, I am only a head taller than my 8 year old.

One of the times we found Hali in the snow. The next one is what we found when she got out of the snow.

She kept saying, "my bum is freezing!" Now we know why! She had ice all down her pants, poor baby!

Bad attempt to do a self portrait of all of us!

Our picnic table on the side of our house.

And now comes the aftermath of playing in the snow!!!

Hali was so cold and miserable when she came in. She warmed up with some hot chocolate though.

Rosy little cheeks!

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Bealer Babies said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I am like you, don't get out in the snow much myself. glad Hali got warmed up, still ... love those cheekys!!