Friday, July 31, 2009

Learning to talk

Here is Hayden trying to talk to me. Or rather me annoying him again, and trying to get him to talk. He was pretty tolerant and dealing with it very well ;) He is just too cute not to do this video, so here it is.

Now wasn't that the CUTEST little baby you ever saw cooing?!?! I think so!


Maymo said...

He IS one of the cutest babies!
Those darn hic-um-ups! At least he doesn't cry with them. Wes gets sooooo mad when he gets the hic-um-ups! Hayden has changed sooo much! He is a cutie! Please give him a kiss from his Auntie!
Love you all!

Karin said...

So that was me who just posted under Megans name. She is over at my house and has used my computer to check her email and such. I did not realize that she was logged in. LOL! Oooops!